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toppings [userpic]

my future husband is in the same city as i am
that's scotiabank... I recognize the entrance... omg why am I not there
because i rly dont want to see that turrible movie


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SUGAR we're going down swinging!

be still, my beating heart.
ken jeong just became the world's coolest person %)*@^@&*^)!!*

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 modern warfare = too epic not to make icons
so bam.



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 Didn't compleeetely abandon this place. 
I've been lurking around...
Lack of Glee + THE FREAKING OLYMPICS can do that to some people ;)

so how fucking good are those Canucks? I mean seriously? We must be a bitch to play against because it's never safe to play with a lead! <3 Screw all those naysayers; this is a battling unit; this is a team. 
(though I have to say, the cussing was nonstop after Raymond's DREADED giveaway. he deserved the bench for the rest of the game. I expect him to come out strong tomorrow night but wowza. Almost killed our entire game. If we lost, this would be what people talk about as the one defining moment.)

ANYWAYS, here be the wp i just made. late, yes. and definitely not my best work. but DAMN ALL if i didn't make one at all. 


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overdue much? perhaps haha. i put off icon-making for a while. school, unfortunately, prioritizes a bit higher than glee (i know, it was a shock to me too). 

anyyywayssss.... there are much less. i kinda.. made less and hopefully they're better as a whole in the process. =)
also made some dianna icons because girl is gorgeous. to the point that it isnt fair xD



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Moar icons!

[35] 'Rhodes'

8 Somebody to Love
[15] Glee misc. episodes singletons
3 Emma
3 Cheno
6 Rachel
3 Quinn



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ICONS!!!! oh im such a glee addict, it hurts :( you know one of these days i'll probably stop making so much and combine episodes into one post. i totally should do that.


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toppings [userpic]


O EM GEE i totes made icons again!
but less. and didn't care as much. so they may not be as good. mehhh :P

{28} Glee 1x03 "Acafellas" icons


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Moar Glee!

Showmance icons (WE-centric) [34]
Other misc. icons (some on-set pics) [6]
Showmance screencap/banner [1]


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